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PRESS RELEASE Friday, June 23, 2017
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FilmWorks Forum: Raising Important Issues and Engaging Community Dialogue Beyond Our Horizon Film Works Forum of The Moviehouse presents DISCOVERY'SRANCHER, FARMER, FISHERMAN
Directed by Susan Froemke and John Hoffman, Narrated by Tom Brokaw
Sunday, July 23 - 11:00 a.m.Panel discussion and Q&A to follow.
Admission: FREE

MILLERTON, NY--- FilmWorks Forum of The Moviehouse in Millerton is thrilled to present an advance screening of the not-yet-aired Discovery Channel documentary, an official selection of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival - RANCHER, FARMER, FISHERMAN - narrated by award-winning journalist Tom Brokaw, and directed by Oscar-nominated and Emmy® winning filmmakers Susan Froemke and John Hoffman. The film will be shown on Sunday, July 23rd at 11:00 a.m. and will be free of charge and open to all in the community who wish to attend and participate.RANCHER, FARMER, FISHERMAN introduces audiences to four unexpected warriors for a hidden but far-reaching conservation movement: a Montana rancher, two Kansas farmers, and a Louisiana fisherman. With a passion for the terrain that defines their identity, each has bridged long-standing divides—between rural communities and outside experts, people that work the land and federal bureaucrats-- to preserve the landscapes that sustain their livelihoods.The film shines a light on this unheralded movement and offers inspiring solutions to the challenges confronting America s wild land and wildlife, fisheries and croplands --including climate change.

Expertly weaving the stories of these four unlikely conservation heroes at a moment when it seems that collaboration is not just nonexistent but impossible, the film shows how these working families cross political boundaries to arrive at real solutions for protecting the land and sea that define our country – and are crucial to all of our survival.This FilmWorks Forum presentation will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with one of the film’s Directors – John Hoffman, and the panel will include members of the American Farmland Trust, and other key local advocates for climate change and sustainability.After the film: Director John Hoffman will lead a panel discussion and audience Q&A with the following participants: Eric Pooley , SVP for Strategy and Communications – Environmental Defense Fund David Haight , NY State Director – American Farmland Trust Mark Doyle , Business Manager – Fishkill Farms Jennifer Fimbel , Agricultural Educator & Ag Navigator – Cornell Cooperative Extension More images available upon request

John Hoffman   Directors' Statement
We set out to make this film to challenge several pervasive and powerful myths about America: that in traditional, deep-red states, real Americans”the ones who run the tractors and barges and fishing boats, who go to church and town meetings—are hostile to the values of environmentalism ; that the work many of them do, producing food at “industrial scale,” is inherently destructive of nature; that America is irretrievably broken, trapped in ever-more hostile warring political camps.In fact, Western ranchers are often the staunchest defenders of federal land protections, grizzlies, and wolves; big Midwest commodity-crop growers can be our most sustainable farmers, commercial fishermen the best hope for coastal and marine ecosystems. And all not only still believe in the American democracy but are making it work, talking openly and civilly with people very different from themselves to find ways to move forward together.The characters in this film are American heroes who move with purpose from the sweeping, iconic—and filmic—landscapes that define our republic to the halls of power that shape it, catching fish or branding cattle one day and testifying before Congress the next. It is the work of these men and women that allows our nation to move forward, to grow and adapt, and, most importantly that protects the natural environment that sustains it and the world. Without such ranchers, farmers, and fishermen, these landscapes would become part of our nation’s past rather than continuing to be an integral part of its present and future.Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman was produced in tandem with the book of the same name by bestselling author Miriam Horn (released in September by W.W. Norton), who is also a producer on the film. Film and book follow the same characters over the same period of time, and Miriam s extensive knowledge and deep connections in these worlds were essential to our access and to our story. By virtue of her involvement, we believe this film is richer than previous pieces on similar issues.This film is an immersion into the lives and livelihoods of a group of unexpected heartland conservationists. More than merely a statement on national values, it’s a reminder that the well lived lives of principled people can change the world. Rather than bringing the viewer a slew of talking heads from academia, we’ve focused on the experiences these people have had that have led them to their conservation work, and on what they themselves feel they’ve accomplished. We live with them, and we hear it in their voices.In a time of unprecedented political divisiveness across our society, it is our hope that the stories of these ranchers, farmers, and fishermen can remind us all what can be accomplished when we put politics aside and do what’s right. We know that that’s what they’ve done for us, and we hope the film echoes in the minds of all who see it with that message.--Susan Froemke, John Hoffman, and Beth Aala  
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