Meet your Board of Directors for 2017.
Join us for another great year. Become a Vendor, Serve up your favorite foods, drinks etc. Below are the different forms for each booth. Questions, please call Susan Dickinson, President (860) 393-9171 or email at
Thank you for everyone's donations this year. Without the continued support of our local community we would not be able to decorate our streets with these festive trees.
For Immediate Release
Tri-State Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors
We would like your input regarding our "Buy Local Festival". Please click the link below to view and take the survey. survey/a07eagobn0wi5cy4pyd/start Thank you for taking the survey, we appreciate your input and responses.
We, the Tri-State Chamber of Commerce, would like to say THANK YOU to the following contributors for their donations towards the festive trees along the streets of Lakeville and Salisbury. Without your continuous support we would not be able to continue this festive event. I hope everyone has enjoyed them.
8 hours per week, 9am to 5:30, Saturdays Some Holidays and per diem hours available Responsible for front desk operations, mail handling, reservations, telephone and repro-graphics
R.N.s and Nursing Supervisors Per Diem Positions Available If you are an exceptional R.N. with long-term care experience and outstanding clinical skills, we'd like to talk to you about an opportunities at Noble Horizons, known for excellence in nursing care and rehabilitation.
10% billing discount
Litchfield Bancorp -Stop by any Litchfield Bancorp office to see ...
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