Adopt-A-Tree- Donations-2016


Jerry & Mary Ellen Baldwin                               

Mary Barton                        

Jason & Rachele Bonhotel -In Memory of: Bonhotel, Batacchi

Leslie Bonhotel  -In Memory of: Howard & Marion Bonhotel

Kevin Bousquet-   Interlaken Inn      

Anne Bowen-In memory of: David Salisbury Bowen & John Gerard Bowen

Joseph and Chris Brennan                

Charles  Brown                   

Warren Carter -Salisbury Wines 

Mardee  Cavallaro-Best and Cavallaro Real Estate       

Claudia Cayne-  The Scoville Memorial Library         

Mr. & Mrs. John G.Colpitts -In Memory of: All Veterans

Steven T.Cornell, President National Iron Bank            

Robain Dionne- Lakeville Wine & Spirit LLC - In Memory of: Louise Sherwood

Angela K. Engle-In Memory of: David S. Engle, with love, Angie & Lily

Peter & Patty Findlay

Susan & Tino Galuzzo-The White Gallery       

Brian & Nina Goddall                         

Michele Gorat-Salisbury Visiting Nurse Assoc., Inc.    

Ann Grumpelt                      

Robert and Mona Gunther -In Memory of: Budd Hoffman

Wendy   Hamilton-In Memory of: Benjamin David Hamilton

Jean Hansell                         

John & Elyse Harney-Elyse Harney, Real Estate-
       In Memory of: John D. Harney, Francesca Beaumont, Olive & Jim Dubois, Beini Johnson

Michael & Brigitte Harney                

Anne Harris- In Honor of: Daisy & Pepper

William & Adelaide Harris                 

Neil & Nancy Humphreys                  

Annette Hunt                      

Chris Janelli-Center for Canine Behavior Studies          

Carol Kastendieck                               

Nancy & William  Kellett                   

Katharine Kellogg -In Memory of: George Kellogg

Alice & Peter Kent                              

William   Kirber- Lakeville Eye Associates, LLC            

Graham  Klemm- Klemm Real Estate              

Jean Krulis                            

Robert LaBonne Jr.-LaBonne's  Markets        

Margaret A. Laemmel-Lakeville United Methodist Church        

Elaine LaRoche-  Passports              

Elaine LaRoche- Salisbury Pharmacy            

Robinson Leech -Robinson Leech Real Estate             

Rosalind Leech                    

Janet & Bill Manko                              

Mary Manning- In Memory of: Reed T. Manning

Donna Maxwell                   

Thomas & Madeline Metzger                           

Mrs. Caroline Moller                          

John and Hope Mongeau                  

Janet E. Neary                     

Jonathan & Deborah Newcomb                       

Ann Noble                            

Eleanor Owens -In Memory of: Dr. Stephen Owens

Arliss and Bruce Paddock                

Frank and Stephanie Pellegrino-Petpourri, Inc.            

Jane Pinckney                      

Amy Rasner                          

Etienne Delessert & Rita Marshall                    

Helen & Donald    Ross                       

Saul Sargis - In Memory of: Johnathan Sargis

Marian Schwaikert                             

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Scott                      

Robert & Catherine Sherwood -In Memory of: Joey Sherwood, Tom O'loughlin, Kay O'Loughin

Bob & Maggie Slagel                          

Brenda Sprague- On the Run           

Kathryn & Arthur Taylor                    

Stacie Weiner                 

Harriet Weiss  - In honor of: My Grandchildren: Nate, Amelia & Charlotte

Lynton Wells                     

Mr. & Mrs. Crosby Wells                   

Bill Willis-Founders Insurance Group-In Honor of:
   Betty Kowalski on her retirement & 40 years of service with Wagner McNeil/Founders Ins. Agency

Alice Yoakum-In Memory of: Rob Yoakum

Eva Yxfeldt- In Memory of: My brother Leil and My friend Maggie

The Market Place of Salisbury -In Honor of: Ward Belcher

Kenneth Lauber                  

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