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Board of Directors

Contact board president Susan Dickinson at sdickinson@tristatechamber.com.

I already spend money advertising my business. Why should I spend money to join the Tri-State Chamber of Commerce?
The Tri-State Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial and community interests of the Tri-State Region. We serve the surrounding communities of Millerton and Amenia, New York; Salisbury, Lakeville, Cornwall, Sharon, Canaan and Falls Village, CT; and Ashley Falls and Sheffield, Massachusetts. The chamber is a non-profit, (501C6) non-partisan, non-sectional and non-sectarian membership organization supported by over two hundred dues-paying members.
Becoming a Chamber Member is Easy! The Tri-State Chamber of Commerce offers affordable annual membership dues for businesses and organizations.
The Tri-State Chamber of Commerce Bylaws
Board of Directors
When was it formed? November 2006 by Incorporators Michael Loftus and Susan Dickinson; forms filed by Donna Vincenti, Attorney What it is:
Any member who would like to include something in the newsletter, please email information to Susan
Contact board president Susan Dickinson at sdickinson@tristatechamber.com.
8 hours per week, 9am to 5:30, Saturdays Some Holidays and per diem hours available Responsible for front desk operations, mail handling, reservations, telephone and repro-graphics
R.N.s and Nursing Supervisors Per Diem Positions Available If you are an exceptional R.N. with long-term care experience and outstanding clinical skills, we'd like to talk to you about an opportunities at Noble Horizons, known for excellence in nursing care and rehabilitation.
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Litchfield Bancorp -Stop by any Litchfield Bancorp office to see ...
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